Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And just like that she lost another tooth.

She lost her first one a long time ago, her second one the night before easter and her third one on xmas.  I was thinking I was good till at least Martin Luther King Day or Valentines Day but nope today it started to bleed was dangling.  She decided as I said it was bed time that she wanted it pulled out, she was scared she would swallow it and the tooth fairy would not come.  So she leaned back opened her mouth , and let daddy pull it out with pliers lol.

 this is the tooth before, see it just hanging out.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Flea Market?

I have been seriously thinking about doing something at the local flea market.  Its a pretty big thing, with the race week and bike week and all the tourist.  I am just not sure how my type of items will go there.  They do have a deal where you can buy a one day occupational license from them and pay for one day.  I think my total cost to do that would be around 12.00 so maybe its worth trying it out just one day and seeing what I think.  Other wise a monthly rate will run some where between 155-180, which comes out to be 12.00 a day or so.

Of course I don't know what I would do to get Zoe off the bus on Fridays and wondering if she would be able to chill out there on the weekends.  My thought was I could clean out the trunk of my suv, put a bean bag chair back there and you know bring the laptop and things so she could watch movies (assuming I can get a spot I can back my car up into.  She could read and bring things to do or help me.  Decisions, decisions.  I also dont know if Im willing to work every weekend.  If I can find someone crafty enough to do it with me that would be great!   Would be easier to fill a store full of things with two of us, then we could split the rent and share days of working.  Hum....... 

I will let you all know what I decide. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My woman cave!

I needed my own space, and I think that Zoe and Andy would agree that my craft stuff was all over.  I moved into my closet on Thanksgiving but been doing a few updates here and there.  Sharing the pictures.  Some of them are older, the clothes are not hanging in the closet any more and i rearranged the desk but you get the idea lol.

Everyone needs a beard, right?

Now let me introduce you to my friend Tommy.  Hes a manly man, he can fix anything, wears cowboy boots and is not afraid to show a lady his new boxers.  Tommy however has always had one want, request I guess you could say.  He has always said that he wants a bead.  I know he has about 10 more years until that happens, but I couldn't tell him that!

Kelly invited us over for a dinner date, ohh laa laa. First date I have been on in a long time, and I didn't have to cook or clean.  Of course if you ask Zoe her details of the night would be something like... "I don't want meat in my mac and cheese!!!!"  Ha ha, now Zoe has a hate for cows, well eating them anyway.  She has no issues with eating pig that is for sure.

Any who!  So, back to Tommy and his need for facial hair.  I have been saying since October that I was going to make him a beard, well better late then never.  Now you know of course I had to make the girls one too.  Here they are showing them off.

I also added the beards to my etsy shop (hopefully Kelly doesn't mind Tommy being a male model for felt facial hair).   I am sure there is a little boy or girl that needs a beard out there. lol

Guess I am a blogger now!

Well it seems that everyone in the world has a blog anymore.  I kind of felt like I was left out of some sort of secert club.  I am here now and thought I would use this page to share my great shopping trips, my new items and just my general thoughts.